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22 01 2007- Urge Pres. Bush to End U.S. Complicity in Genocide Denial
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Urge Pres. Bush to End U.S. Complicity in Genocide Denial

Hrant Dink, a leading Istanbul-based Armenian journalist, was murdered in cold-blood on January 19th outside the offices of his Agos newspaper.
His murder came amid a growing tide of official Turkish government pressure to silence his writings on the Armenian Genocide, and on the eve of a renewed drive by the U.S. State Department to block Congressional efforts to commemorate this crime against humanity.
Send a Free ANCA WebMail expressing your outrage over Hrant Dink's murder to President George W. Bush and call for an end to U.S. complicity in Turkey's worldwide campaign of Genocide denial. Simply scroll down, fill in your contact information and click "Send Message."
To learn more, read:
* Key points on the Hrant Dink assassination.
* The Los Angeles Times review of violence against the media - "In Turkey, a Year of Attacks and Trials."
* ANCA news about the Hrant Dink assassination.

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The Brutal Murder of Hrant Dink
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I am writing to express my outrage over the murder of Hrant Dink.
As you know, on January, 19th Mr. Dink, a leading Istanbul-based Armenian journalist, was murdered incold-blood outside the offices of his Agos newspaper, amid a growing tide of official Turkish government prosecutions and pressure to silence his writings on the Armenian Genocide.
I am expressing my profound sense of loss over his murder in the hope that this terrible act of brutality will help you understand the pressing need for the United States to fully recognize the Armenian Genocide, and to pressure Turkey to abandon its denials, end its campaign of intimidation, and finally accept its responsibility for this crime.
Hrant Dink's murder is tragic proof that the Turkish government - through its campaign of threats and violence - continues to fuel the same hatred and intolerance that led to the Armenian Genocide more than 90 years ago. Hrant Dink's murder is not an isolated act, as Turkish leaders have described it in their disingenuous expressions of regret, but rather the direct product of their increasingly aggressive policy of denial and intimidation, both within Turkey as well as here in the United States.
Sadly, the Turkish government is able to maintain its policy of denial - against all evidence and the tide of international opinion - precisely because of your Administration's active complicity. Your State Department is working against Congressional legislation commemorating this crime, recently fired a senior U.S. diplomat, John Marshall Evans, for simply speaking the truth about this historical reality, and is seeking to send an ambassador, Dick Hoagland, to Armenia despite his record of having denied the Armenian Genocide. During the long years of Hrant Dink's prosecution - and persecution - by the Turkish government, the Department remained almost completely silent, refusing to take any meaningful steps to defend him and others whose only "crime" was to openly express their views on the Armenian Genocide.
In the wake of Hrant Dink's brutal murder, I join with my family, friends and work colleagues in calling upon you to properly recognize and commemorate the Armenian Genocide and to pressure the Turkish government to accept its responsibility toward a just resolution of its crime against the Armenian nation.


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