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18 01 2007 - C. Aznavur; A France celebrities from the field of Justice
Paris, january 18, 2007
Jean Eckian ,
A France celebrities from the field of Justice, Arts, Literature and Politics, joined together their forces to put pressure on the French Senate to adopt the bill against the negation of Armenian Genocide voted by the Parliament on October 12, 2006.
"Together against negationism !" was the slogan launched by Co-ordination Council of Armenian Organizations of France (CCAF) presented by its president Alexis Govciyan and also by Jewish
organizations of France (Licra, Crif).
More 1500 people gathered in front of the Assembly, "Palais de la Mutualite" in Paris (january 17).
Celebrities, such as Charles Aznavour, Serge Klarsfeld,("hunter of Nazis", father of teaching of Shoa, president of " Sons and Girls of Jewish Deportees Association of France"), the writer-philosopher Bernard Henri Levy and several other representatives all tendencies of the French political life.
Deputy Patrick Devedjian, adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy (candidate to the presidency of the French Republic) and François Holland, (general secretary of French socialist party), followed one another on the
platform to denounce the Turkish State Negationism.
In a very impressive speech condemning the Turkish negations, philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy concluded with this slogan:
"Solidarity of the shipwrecked"; associating Jew and Armenian destinies.
If this law is endorsed soon by the French Senate, the dispute of the Armenian Genocide will be punishable by law with one year of prison and 45.000 euros ($39.000), same judgment as that for the negation of the Jews genocide by the Nazis.
Jean Eckian
independent correspondant
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