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18 01 2007- Subject: Persian Gulf needs you again!
If you did not sign till now please do it.
Recived From "ARDESHIR" Hello everyone,

This information has come to my attention. Once again Persian Cultural Foundation is stepping forward in standing up for the rights of Iran and Iranian history. Please read up the following and take action if
you feel as offended as I get when I see someone printing a book trying to educate the world that the name Persian Gulf should be Arabian Gulf!!! Sign the petition today don't wait up. Email this to all your friends and let's get united.

Farshad Azad
Persian Cultural Foundation

If you did not sign till now please do it.


We the undersigned, through this letter, protest your irresponsible and unscientific action by distributing and posting on your website David Graddol's new book, "Next English",(2006), which has on page 38
replaced the Persian Gulf with the fictitious name, " Arabian Gulf ".

This letter is in concern with such publication of this book by your organization, which, according to all international organizations, is fraudulent and distorted, and its publication guarantees the violation of undeniable international legal rights.

It is a proven scholarly fact that the name of the Persian Gulf is a genuine name, with historical roots, and using any fraudulent names such as the " Arabian Gulf " is in fact inducing political animosity.

We did not expect British Council, as a prestigious international scientific institution, to ignore the proven obvious, and damage its own reputation on the basis of political intentions, and thus create
an atmosphere of public mistrust in its content, and hurt the national pride of the millions of Persian speakers while doing so.

While announcing our disgust at such a heresy, we demand an immediate editorial review and correction of this publication by the British Council.

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seyed ali nojoumi


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