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Gibrahayer March 16, 2005 - Nicosia: A campaign in a local English-language newspaper initiated by Gibrahayer e-magazine over a publication in The Cyprus Mail, sent a loud and clear message to all Cypriots that a politicised Armenian community in Cyprus - irrespective of political beliefs and orientation - is monitoring political happenings and most important of all is ready to act swiftly when called upon.
The Cyprus Mail received tens of letters from the Armenian community of Cyprus, expressing its disappointment and anger over a publication that was signed by a certain Nicos Margolis from London. The newspaper is still receiving a strong reaction to the letter.
One of the first to respond was Armenian Representative Bedros Kalaydjian. The Cyprus Mail is publishing all received letters in the Letters to the Editor section.
Gibrahayer e-magazine will publish the complete community reaction with a special publication on Thursday 17 March 2005.

Mihran Keheyian - London

I highly commend Ambassador John Evans for having the moral courage of his conviction to tell the truth during his UC Berkeley gathering. During the same event, Ambassador John Evans also made US foreign policy very clear when he said, "I think it is unbecoming of us as Americans to play word games here. I believe in calling things by their names." And he did call "things" by their names: His Excellency did call the tragic events which took place at the beginning of the 20th century a "Genocide."
But then he issued a statement to clarify his comments which he says were misunderstood. In his clarification, which was published on the Embassy's Website at, he states that although what he said was his personal view, it "was inappropriate." However, he does not clarify what he considered to be inappropriate. Was it inappropriate to call it a "Genocide"? Was it inappropriate to speak in personal capacity? Was it inappropriate for him to call this thing by its name? or, Was it inappropriate to speak freely in the country of "freedom of speech" about a subject he had researched, consulted with others at the US State Department and had gotten confirmation on?
Another statement the Ambassador made at UC Berkeley was his pledge to do a "better job at addressing this issue." And a few days later, his "better job" was to find it inappropriate to call it a "Genocide." True, he had addressed the issue of the Armenian Genocide courageously based on his personal conviction, unlike many American Diplomats or Politicians, and for that he should be praised. After all, the Ambassador is an expert on Ottoman History and has studied this issue in depth. He spoke as a historian-and perhaps not a diplomat-at the informal meeting with American-Armenians at UC Berkeley, and fulfilled the demand of the Turkish Government that this issue should be handled by historians and not politicians. As a historian, he called the tragic events a "Genocide." As a diplomat, he issued a statement explaining the US policy on this subject, but he still stood by his personal conviction that it was a "Genocide."
Also, Ambassador Evans, at the end of his clarification statement, "deeply regrets any misunderstanding" caused by his comments. His statements about the Genocide were clearly put in plain English:
"I will call it the Armenian Genocide."
"The Armenian Genocide was the first Genocide of the 20th Century."
A lawyer at the State Department confirmed that the events of 1915 were "genocide by definition."
The above-mentioned statements uttered at the UC Berkeley meeting cannot be misunderstood. They are in very simple English, and to the point. By stating that he regrets "any misunderstanding caused" by his comments, he is playing games or insulting those who heard him utter these words.
Furthermore, what he said in his personal capacity about the status of Nagorno Karabakh is commendable. On a personal level, he does realise that returning the enclave to Azerbaijan would be disastrous. Yet in his "diplomatic" statement, he again plays on words and gives us the "dictate" from the US State Department about supporting the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, and that the future of the enclave is a matter of negotiation between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As a historian, his excellency failed to note that Artsakh, a.k.a. Nagorny Karabakh, belongs to the Armenians, as the CIA report has already confirmed this.
Ambassador Evans by issuing his statement to correct what was allegedly misunderstood only proves that the US is playing games, whether unbecoming to Americans or not does not seem to concern his government. It is this play on words by a country which claims to defend human rights that has sadly opened the door to countries such as Nazi Germany to commit the Holocaust against the Jews, the Genocide in Cambodia, the Genocide against the Tutsi's in Rwanda, and more recently the Genocide in Darfur, and so many other atrocities against other groups of people such as the gypsies, and the Kurds whereby 3000 Kurdish villages were razed to the ground by the Turkish NATO army in the 80's, and so on.
Ambassador Evans should call a spade a spade and encourage other diplomats and politicians to have the moral courage to follow suit. Only when the President of the US changes his annual statement on ARMENIAN REMEMBRANCE DAY to the annual ARMENIAN GENOCIDE DAY, only then will the US prove to the world that it is truly the leader in defending Human Rights and justice throughout the world, instead of sacrificing its declared principles of Human Rights for political interests as is the case now. Until such time, the credibility of the US in relation to Human Rights and Justice will remain slim because although it preaches to others these principles, it does not practice what it preaches. Only when the US recognises the Armenian Genocide will it be known to the world that it is not playing word games.

Armen Hovhanessian
Hagop Ipdjian &
•"If there is no transparency and no monetary control, checks and balances" by the membership, then I think it is time that AGBU ceased to exist.
•Let AGBU cease to be a parochial set-up and let the management be elected by the membership as it used to be and as it befits a democratic institution.
•If the current incumbents are not willing to do that then, I repeat, let AGBU be no more.

Dear Simon,
I read with sadness the letters on AGBU bashing, which made me think once again about the unilateral decision of AGBU to close our beloved Melkonian.
Much has been said and written on this subject and even after reading everything I could find on it, I am still of the opinion that all the reasons given by AGBU's management for the closure of Melkonian, were only excuses to justify a decision that they had taken some time ago. I feel we still do not know the real reason.
AGBU was probably the best thing that happened in the early part of the 20th century for the Armenians, who were thrown out of their own country and left mostly destitute. AGBU did effectively come to their help. Parekordzagan was then, as far as I can make out, a fair and open organisation whose sole aim was the preservation of Armenians.
I, as a Melkoniantzi and also one who has appreciated the benefits of AGBU over the years, have always been anything but an "AGBU basher", on the contrary I have disagreed with some anti-AGBU people. Unfortunately, some time after its creation, AGBU was politicised to some extent, which was a pity. It should have remained above politics and simply pro-Armenian.
The final nails in the coffin of Melkonian, driven in by the current AGBU leadership, made me take a closer look at AGBU. It is now obviously a closed shop, as far as its running and administration is concerned; the membership does not know who is doing what and with what aim. I feel sure that that is not how the authors of AGBU envisaged their wonderful organisation to become. I believe that they and later enhancers of AGBU, such as even the late Alex Manoukian, would totally disapprove of the current direction of AGBU.
If AGBU cannot be a more open and democratic institution, "If there is no transparency and no monetary control, checks and balances" by the membership, then I think it is time that AGBU ceased to exist.
May be there is absolutely nothing untoward about AGBU's organisation and management, but we are not in a position to know that. Let everything be brought out into the open and let us see that everything is as it should be. Let AGBU cease to be a parochial set-up and let the management be elected by the membership as it used to be and as it befits a democratic institution. And then our faith in it could be reinstated. If the current incumbents are not willing to do that then, I repeat, let AGBU be no more.
As I said, I am very very sad that I feel this way, but that is not my fault, is it?
Tatto Couligian - U.K.

These are Armenian websites that I have visited and find them really good
Regards to your family, club, community... radio stations, music, articles, etc...
www.ARMENYA.COM for the kids/teenagers...
Thank you..ARA BEDIKIAN - Australia
Lately I have not received any news from you guys. Every time when I get your email I shared it with my relatives and colleagues. I would greatly appreciate if you keep me posted with the fresh news from Europe especially if it has anything to do with " haykakan hartz". Give my sincere greetings to all my fellow Armenians.
Thank you
Ester Stepanyan

Dear Ester,
Your email is not in our database. I have added you. Please regulate your filters (if any) to receive Gibrahayer regularly.
You can view previous issues and your friends and relatives can subscribe to Gibrahayer at
Simon Aynedjian


Our website has recently been updated.
New highlights include:
- Recommended Armenian events taking place in London during March & April
- Photos from our last party
- Meet the HYE Crew
- Brand new poll... tell us what kind of music you want to hear at our parties. VOTE NOW!

This year, March and April is a busy period for the Armenian Community in London, especially with events taking place in conjunction with the 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We will be bringing you updates of events taking place on our site and via email as soon as we are aware of them. Some are already posted on the Hye2Hye section of the site.
We welcome any feedback, so please visit and give us your views.
Our next event is our Annual Summer Boat Party on June 11th. More details to follow soon.....


Hi Simon,
I want you to know that Your "Gibrahayer" is generating great interest within the Armenian and non-Armenian circles.
Best regards - Victor Pinasi


Sireli Simon,
I would like to once again congratulate you and your team for providing Armenians around the world, with valuable, detailed news, pictures, websites...keep up the nice, hard work. I wish others would also create similar newsletter like yours Simon.
Also I WOULD HARTLEY CONGRATULATE 'ARARAT' FUTSAL TEAM,MANAGEMENT, FANS, FOR accomplishing another CYPRIOT FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIP, more honours to the Armenian community in Cyprus...also to all foreigners who either played with ARARAT team or supported this wonderful team, which carries the name, of our beloved, holiest mountains, MOUNT ARARAT, in occupied Western Armenia...I wish more honours, luck, wins in the EUROPEAN LEVEL, LIKE UEFA. Well done everyone..
I would also like to express my thanks to JEAN IPDJIAN and TATIANA FERAHIAN and others for their participation in your work. Keep it up.
My friends, relatives and myself that read this newsletter in Australia, and are full of admiration and wish you all the best for the future.
RAMGAVAR/AGBU..ARE PARTIES / UNIONS...FORMED BY PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE...FOR KEEPING OUR HERITAGE, CULTURE, EDUCATION OF THE ARMENIAN PEOPLE...mistakes/corruption/gambling/money expenditure always happens in all parties/unions/societies. We, as members, x-members, friends, supporters to these parties/unions should bring everything up to the surface. Justice should be done, sooner or later. Let us focus on cleaning our Armenian parties, unions and schools.
Ara Bedikian - Australia


Paris, March 14, 2005, /Jean Eckian - An Internet site of the Armenian community of France (Net Armé - news and forum) with fact undergoes one of hackers of Azerbaijan. The site is in the moment out of order. It was not the first time. To sign their heinous crime, the hackers posted the flags Azerbaijan and Turkey. See link :


Dear Simon,
My name is Andrea Daghlián and I am member of the Armenian Community, here in Montevideo, Uruguay. I am writing to you in order to thank you because of sending me news related to my loved Armenia.
I have been reading the page and I think that is very interesting.
Thank you very much.
Best regards.
Andrea Daghlián
HUGHES & HUGHES, 25 de Mayo 455 4° piso-11000 Montevideo - Uruguay


Dear friends, my latest three columns can be viewed at the following links:

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Have a good week,
Patrick Azadian


How are you doing? I hope things are well in Cyprus. I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading the publication you send me. It is really a great publication. It is a way for us to keep up with Armenian Events and News. Being in Oklahoma, it makes it quite difficult to know what is going on in the Armenian Community. Thanks again and keep in touch!!
Rouben Tourian - Oklahoma
This corner is reserved for local artist Tatiana Ferahian's comic strips which are amalgamations of Armenian-Cypriot social commentaries, painted with her usual wry and ironic humour, to stimulate and encourage awareness and interest toward our community's everyday happenings.

Ardavast Vahani Avedissian

It has been my experience that we humans can grasp the meaning of time when it is presented to us in blocks of 20 years, no matter what our age is.
Recent events have got me thinking once again about evolution. I have always tried to say that the 1915 Genocide of the Armenians was perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks, and that we should not blame today's Turkey directly, insisting however that we are entitled to a proper apology, at the very least.
Recent rabid pronouncements by the Turkish Media however has got me thinking that perhaps we Armenians should stop blaming the Turks altogether.
We are blaming a nation for not having the necessary level of cultural maturity, to at least say they are sorry that their grandfathers perpetrated the first Genocide of the 20th century AND the forgotten last of the 19th century.
We are being very unfair to the Turkish Govt's policy of insisting that the sky is Yellow not Blue, we keep forgetting that after all we are not dealing with a nation known for its constructive contribution to this planet, or its brainpower.
Has anyone heard of a Turkish Philanthropist? Perish the thought! A Scientist? A Musician? A Builder? A builder!? Now we are delving into the realms of comedy, Turks as builders indeed.
Considering just how much their economy depends on revenue from Germany one would have thought that at least some German culture would have rubbed off on them, but alas no, an idiot is an idiot no matter where.
In 1915 five of my six uncles were slaughtered in Adana whilst working in their fields, if the Turks think that their souls and the souls of the 1,500,000 they butchered are at rest they are gravely wrong, maybe not today or tomorrow morning but what goes round comes round, in due course Karma will extract its terrible but justified penalty from the descendants of the murderers, remember the quote from the Bible "and the sins of the fathers shall descend upon the heads of their offspring".
It is also a fact that some of the Kurdish population took part in the Genocide and profited from it, but as events in the last 30 years show they paid dearly for their actions, in their case "what goes round, did indeed came round".
Yes, I admit that I erred, I should have realized that in evolutionary terms 90 years is but a millisecond for some nations, and I should not have expected a base race, like the Turks, to have advanced in any way.
Yup, evolution is very, very slow, but I suspect that in the case of an ethnic group like the Turks it has and will always bypass them, considering it as a lost cause.
As for the Azeris, what can one say? If they do not like what happened to them they should not have perpetrated Sumgait.
I am always amazed at the Azeri propaganda, not sure if we should be angry with them or pity them, the latest aired on their LIDER TV on the 28th of Feb "Armenians used to capture Azeri girls and make kebab from their flesh for their parties" well, well, I mean doesn't everyone?! They really are a pathetic case.
For the last 4 years I have lived surprisingly happy in Armenia but I am not an Armenian citizen.
The British Embassy in Yerevan quite rightly protects its citizens and they informed me quite a while back that in case of "troubles" they were ready to evacuate me, bless them.
I replied thanking them and pointed out that in case of "troubles" yes indeed I would quit Armenia but not for the UK, but to Baku.
There are a couple of nice houses there near the Diplomatic quarter I have my eye on.
The Azeris & the Turks are not able to judge Armenian resolve, and if the Azeris want to start again, I am waiting, I will be in the front line from day one, at Horadis, why Horadis I hear you ask? Well it's the nearest Armenian Army post to Baku, so I do not have to walk a lot, I am 70 after all.

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[] In an effort to help alleviate the dire humanitarian conditions
in Javakhk, the Armenian Relief Society of Western US Javakhk Fund Committee organised a dinner reception onboard the
"MV Majestic" on March 6, raising $50,000 during the event.
[] Seven Armenian Glendale men have pleaded guilty to charges of operating a Russian-Armenian crime ring that smuggled nearly $9 million in contraband cigarettes from Virginia to Los Angeles.
[] AGBU Young Professionals of Northern California hosted its sixth annual Winter Gala Getaway Weekend last month. Over 250 young professionals from throughout the country assembled in San Francisco for a weekend of fun, raising $2,000 for AGBU Children’s Centers in Armenia.
[] Armenia took a step toward combating smoking last week as the “Law on Restriction of Tobacco Realisation, Consumption and Usage” came into effect. The law which is to be implemented in three phases envisages that by next year smoking in public places, such as hospitals, cultural and education institutions, public transports and sport halls will be forbidden. The sale of cigarettes to minors (below age 18) is forbidden since the beginning of this month.
[] Armenian ombudsman Larisa Alaverdyan received over 400 complaints in two months of this year, among them 239 in writing.
[] Azeri soldiers attempted to cross the front-line near the Armenian-controlled village of Seysulan on a "Reconnaissance & sabotage" mission before being repelled by Armenian forces.
[] Experts from Qatar are to arrive in Armenia to interview several dozens of Armenians who have qualified for working in the Gulf country as computer specialists and hospital nurses.
[]Multi-Platinum-selling group System Of A Down will headline "Souls 2005," a benefit concert presented by KROQ-FM, and held in LA on Sunday April 24 at Universal Amphitheatre
[] Greta Khandzrtyan, an above the knee double amputee from Armenia, completed the 26-mile wheelchair division of the Los Angeles Marathon last Sunday in 3 hours and 19 minutes.
[] ARF Dashnaktsoutiun Bureau delegation, comprised of Grigor Erjenian and Gaspar Karapetian, last week took part in the 7th congress of the Greece Socialist Movement, PASOK.
g i b r a h a y c a l e n d a r

The last of the Lecture series dedicated to clergymen that were killed in the Armenian Genocide of 1915 will continue on Wednesday 16 March 2005 - Elsy Utudjian will present the life and work of Shavarsh Dz.Vart.Sahagian (1881 - 1915)
Arevakal and Hsgoum ceremonies begin from Wednesday 9 February, 2005 as follows: Every Wednesday and Friday - Arevakal 7:40 am and Hsgoum at 6:00 pm
Opening of a Painting Exhibition of Armenian Cypriot Artists, organised by The Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus Chapter at The Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature, on Friday 18 March, 2005 at 7:30 pm. The Exhibition will remain open until the 20th of March, 2005.
Dzaghgazart Sunday March 20, 2005. Holy Mass and Tapor by the children of the Armenian community, at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church. Trmpatsek ceremony same day at 6:00 pm.
Easter Sunday March 27, 2005. Holy Mass at Sourp Asdvadzadzin Church followed by Easter Lunch at AYMA. Details to follow.
Armenian Cultural Event – Dance & Poetry April 8, 2005 at 7:30 p.m., MEI Auditorium. Organised by the AGBU – Melkonian Educational Institute with the participation of Melkonian Students.
The "Sipan" Dance Group of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association of Cyprus will be presenting the Musical Performance of Toumanyian "Famous Children's Stories" on Sunday April 10, 2005 at 7:30 pm at PASIDY Auditorium.
Armenian Cypriot artist Nanor Tashdjian will be exhibiting her works in Cardiff, Wales. from April 12 - April 21, 2005 at the Temple of Peace, Cathays Park.(Tel 02920 228549) The exhibition, entitled "The Battle Field" is partly a reflection by Nanor on her background. She was born during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and identifies strongly with her grandparents, orphaned during the genocide. The exhibition will be held in the foyer of the entrance to the Temple of Peace, from April 12 -21 from 9.00 a.m. till 5.00p.m.(not the weekend). The exhibition will culminate in a Commemorative meeting at The Temple of Peace (upstairs Council Committee room) at 7.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 20th April.This will be the fifth Welsh National Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, organised by Wales-Armenia Solidarity, in co-operation with CRAG, London. Taking part will Caerphilly Labour Councillor and Human Rights campaigner Ray Davies and other politicians and the well-known poet Mike Jenkins of Merthyr. He will read his poem "Komitas". Another Welsh poet Chris Williams will read hos poem "Horseshoes" inspired by the reading of "The Burning Tigris" All the major Christian Churches will be represented. This meeting will emphasise once again that the Welsh Political, Cultural and Religious establishment has no sympathy with the British Government denial of the genocide..
The "Timag" Theatre Company of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association of Cyprus is getting ready for its annual performance which will take place on Sunday May 8, 2005 at 8:30 pm (note the new date)
Armenian musical duo of Jean Davidian and Marie Louise Kouyoumdjian perform at Champs every Friday at 9:30 pm. Reservations on 22 873888. They will also be performing at the Palm Beach Hotel in Larnaca twice a week starting from April 2005.
Commemoration of The Armenian Genocide – 90th Anniversary April 20, 2005 at 7:30 p.m., MEI Auditorium. Organised by the AGBU – Melkonian Educational Institute with the participation of Melkonian Students.
Lecture by Peter Balakian on Friday May 20, 2005 organised by The Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association Cyprus Chapter. Details to follow.
Cyprus Dart Championships. AYMA/HMEM is participating in the Cyprus Dart League with home matches being played every other Thursday at AYMA.
AYF Badanegan Mioutian get-togethers take place on Saturday at 3:30 pm at AYMA. Contact Vartoog Karageulian on 24-659245.
Practices of the "Sipan" Dance Group of Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association of Cyprus for the Musical Performance of Toumanyian "Famous Children's Stories" take place as follows: Every Friday and Sunday at 5:30 pm and every Saturday at 4:30 pm
AYMA/HMEM Chicco Football practices take place every Friday from 7:00 - 8:30 pm for children starting from the age of 7. Contact Krikor Mahdessian on 99650897.
AYMA/HMEM Table Tennis practices take place every Saturday from 5:30 pm under the guidance of ex-Cyprus Champion Sirvart Costanian. Classes for all ages.
AYF meetings every Wednesday at 9:00 pm at AYMA. This week's meeting is postponed because of three community events on March 2.
AYMA/HMEM Football team practices take place every Thursday at 7:30 pm.
For more details of the next Bible Study Class organised by the Armenian Prelature at the Vahram Utudjian Hall of The Armenian Prelature call Father Momik Habeshian direct on 99 307966 or at the Prelature Office on 22 493560 email
Armenian Radio Hour on The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation via real audio on . Broadcast 17:00-18:00 local Cyprus time (14:00-15:00 GMT)
The Armenian Prelature announces that the next permit for the Armenian Cemetery visitation at Ayios Dhometios on the Green line, is on Sunday March 28, 2005
Every Wednesday from 7-8 pm (Cyprus time + 2 GMT) on CyBC's Trito, Puzant Nadjarian presents the "History of the Blue". Internet edition on


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