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Historic maps of Armenia - The Cartographic Heritage.
ISBN- 1-86064-979-3
By Rouben Galichian
Published in January 2004 by I. B. Tauris – London, New York

Il "The book is a compilation of over 160 maps related to the region of Armenia, which have been taken from the maps prepared by world renowned cartographers and geographers of various times. All the maps are reproduced in their original form, accompanied with only additional description and information related to their authors, sources and important features.

The oldest map shown is a Babylonian clay tablet, dating from the sixth century BC. Then there are maps of the classical Greek and Alexandrian geographers, as well as the early Christian maps. Islamic and Armenian cartography is represented with a number of maps, followed up by the European early and late Medieval ones.

A few rare Ottoman and Arabic maps are also shown, which depict the region of Armenia. Some Ottoman and Arab geographers’ manuscript pages are reproduced, where names of the towns, cities and borders of Armenia are depicted.

The collection includes many manuscript sea charts (portolans) and maps, which in addition to being informative, are beautiful works of art too. The western cartography is represented by multitude of maps from fifteenth to the nineteenth century

The book includes an essay about the history of maps and mapmaking related to the region of Armenia, as well as a dictionary of oft-used geographical names. The preface is by the British historian Christopher Walker.

The maps are compiled and the texts are prepared by using the resources of various libraries and museums of the world. These include the British Library, the British Museum, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Österreichishce Nationalbibliothek, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Library of Congress, University of Bologna, Museum of Jerusalem, Walters Gallery, John Rylands Library, Matenadaran and other sources.

This is a book, which is a MUST for anyone interested in the history and geography of Armenia and its neighbouring countries, including the geopolitics of the area. It is a source of many references for any student of geography and cartography, interested in the area of the Middle East and Anatolia.

It also clarifies the location of the country of Azerbaijan (south of the Araxes river) and shown the names that today’s territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan by which it was known until 1918.

The book will be available in the bookshops in Europe and USA from March 2004.