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Corso di duduk armeno
Corso di duduk armeno
(IV Edizione)
Maestro Gevorg Dabagyan
(Conservatorio Statale di Erevan)
17-19 settembre 2010
Presso la sede del Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena Biblioteca Zenobiana del Temanza
Corte Zappa, Dorsoduro 1602 | I-30123 VENEZIA
Orari: venerdì 17 settembre ore 14:00-18:00 | sabato 18 e domenica 19 settembre ore 11:00-15:00
Quota di iscrizione: Euro 150,00
M° Gevorg Dabagyan

In collaboration with the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies of the Cini Foundation (Venice, Italy), the music section of the Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena, directed by Minas Lourian, organizes its 4th seminar on the duduk, a double-reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood. A symbol of the Armenian musical tradition, the duduk (conventionally called the “Armenian oboe”) is a popular instrument with a warm, slightly nasal tone and an evocative sound. It is played to accompany songs and dancing in all the regions of Armenia and is the principal instrument at weddings and funerals.
In 2005 the UNESCO Program “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” proclaimed the duduk (or dziranapogh in Armenian) a masterpiece representing Armenian musical tradition in. The director of the relevant section is celebrated musician Gevorg Dabagyan, who is also the leading maestro of the Venetian seminar.
A teacher at the Yerevan State Conservatory, Dabagyan is one of the major living experts of this ancient instrument. He has founded several ensembles, including Shoghaken, a group dedicated to the preservation of the rich heritage of Armenian folk music. Liturgical music also features prominently in Dabagyan’s vast repertory and is a fundamental component of this thousand-year old tradition with strong Christian roots dating back to the time when Armenia was the first country to proclaim Christianity as its state religion in 301.
Dabagyan is an internationally renowned performer since 1991. He worked with famous musicians like Gidon Kremer, Jan Garbarek and Yo-Yo Ma who invited him to take part in his Silk Road music project. Thanks to the initiative of Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena of Venice, the Danagyan Duduk Trio has been invited several times to Italy to participate in music festivals such as Festival Musicarmena (Veneto musica), Ravenna Festival, Ferrara Aterforum Festival, 5th Edition of East/West Contemporary Music Festival of Torino, Suoni e Pause Festival of Cagliari (Sardinia) and music evevnts of Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies of Giorgio Cini Foundation (Venice).
informations and registration at:
Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena
Corte Zappa, Dorsoduro 1602
I-30123 Venezia
Ph. & fax: +39 041 5224225
E-mail: |
Mandatory pre-registration by fax or email. The € 150 fee can be paid in cash at the beginning of the master class.
The Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena (founded in 1967) research and cultural activities have also the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Culture’s support.
Founded in 1970 by Alain Daniélou in collaboration with the Berlin International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation, the Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies (IISMC) promotes knowledge about the highest forms of expression in various music cultures by organising research, seminars and conferences. Since 1979, thanks to an initial contribution from the UNESCO and under the direction first of Ivan Vandor and then Francesco Giannattasio, the IICMS has engaged in teaching activities by offering theoretical and practical courses on instrumental and vocal traditions from various parts of the world. Having become one of the Giorgio Cini Foundation institutes in 1999, the IICMS, now headed by Giovanni Giuriati, pursues some of its activities in conjunction with Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, the Vicenza Conservatory and other cultural institutions.

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