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Meeting with Minister for Diaspora Armenian Ms Hranush Hakobian 26, 27 and May 30, 2010 - Rome
In May 2010 at the Armenian Embassy in Rome the Armenia's Minister of Diaspora, Dr Hranush Hakobian, met with few members of Italian Armenian community, associations and religious representatives. Just few month earlier, a similar meeting organized by Armenian Ambassador to Italy, Ruben Karapetian, had resulted in a interesting and valuable exchange of ideas.
Such cooperation, as Minister of Diaspora agrees, is a constructive way to provide positive and durable interactive connection. A fruitful cooperation for Armenia, without undermining the autonomy of the local associations and individuals, is strongly supported by Zatik association..
One of the main issues at the beginning of such endeavor would be to decide on basic principles for a functional cooperation that all parties agree on. For instance: participant eligibility, frequency of meetings & rules governing the projects and initiatives.
During the meeting with the Minister ideas about new projects were shared and proposed . Recognition of Mario Verdone on anniversary of his passing was proposed by Zarik association. Mr Vedone who was a distinguished translator of Armenian poetry, critic and film historian was also an avid admirer of the work of Parajanov. Zatik association renewed its request for dedication of a cultural center or a university classroom in recognition of Mario Verdone in Yerevan.
In addition, Zatik Association would like to promote projects which stimulate people’s interest in learning about Armenian culture such as Twin Cities initiatives or maybe production of a map of Armenian cultural or religious sites and monument in Italy.
Establishment of an Armenian School in Puglia was also one of the proposals discussed.

For Financial support of these projects, it would be a good idea to start building an E-mail listing. Recognizing that many people who want to know about the work that is being done may want to support and this listing can be used as an effective fundraising tool.
Sister Teobiste Bedrossian from the order of “Armenian Sisters of Immaculate Conception” highlighted the need to pay attention to the problem of Armenian young women who move into prostitution due to economic needs and poverty.
Above are few of the issues that are important to the Armenian community of Italy, in addition to the recognition of Armenian genocide, which is an ongoing negotiation in course with Italian Senate.
Graziella Falconi
President of the Italian-Armenian ZATIK

Annette Melikian