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Hasmik- Collegio Santa Caterina of Pavia,
On 19 April, 2013, at the Collegio Santa Caterina of Pavia, Italy, a Seminar on "The Armenian Genocide: An ‎analysis of historical facts from an international perspective" took place. The Seminar was organized by ‎Hasmik Grigoryan, the student of the Master Program in Cooperation and Development of the Institute for ‎Advanced Studies in Pavia /IUSS/.‎
The Seminar was aiming to raise the awareness about the Armenian Genocide, to analyze and discuss the ‎historical facts and developments of the issue from an international perspective. ‎
Among the guests of the Seminar were invited many international students from different Programs of the IUSS ‎and Pavia University, Professors, as well as several Armenian and Turkish students.‎
The official guest of the Seminar was the Armenian Priest Father Tovma Khachatryan, Responsible of the ‎Armenian Apostolic Church of Italy, who made a short speech about the topic.‎
The focus of the outcomes of Seminar was an open and wide discussion about the topic, lessons learnt from ‎the history and creation of an atmosphere where everybody can openly speak what has happened in 1915, as ‎well as the importance of recognition of accomplished genocides at a global level, which will defend humanity ‎and prevent from facing new ones in the future.‎
The Seminar was followed with a screening of the movie “The Lark Farm”.‎
Hasmik Grigoryan