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Ethnographical Film conference, Belgrade 10/2011

Belgrade, 21-22 October 2011

XX International Ethnographical Film
Ethnographical Museum
Iranian Ethnographical Film Days
Sacred Objects, Sacred Bodies, Sacred Lands
In Honour of Parviz Kimiavi
Film Organizer and Curator: Dr. Pedram Khosronejad

Friday 21 October 2011
Director: Soudabeh Mojaveri
Date: 2006, Iran
Running time: 28
Keyword: Iran, Ancient Goddess, Sacred landscape
Director: Hassan Naghashi
Date: 2007, Iran
Running time: 17
Keyword: Iran, Zoroastrian, Sacred rituals
Persian Tree
Director: Hassan Naghashi
Date: 2006, Iran
Running time: 17
Keyword: Iran, Yazd, Sacred landscape, Screed tree
A Window Facing the Sun
Director: Bijan Zamanpira
Date: 2006
Running time: 12
Keyword: Iran, Kurdistan, Sacred landscape, Rain praying
The Eclips
Director: Mehrdad Oskouei
Date: 2000, Iran
Running time: 14
Keyword: Iran, Kurdistan, Sacred landscape, Spirituality
The Old Man and His Stone Garden
Director: Parviz Kimiavi
Date: 2004
Running time: 52
Keyword: Iran, Sacred landscape, Sacred stones, Spirituality

Saturday 22 October 2011

Oh, Protector of the Gazelle
Director: Parviz Kimiavi
Date: 1970
Running time: 26
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Mashahd, Ritual, Sacred space
Standard-bearers of Hussein: Women Commemorating Karbala
Director: Ingvild Flaskerud
Date: 2003
Running time: 35
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Shiraz, Ritual, Healing
Karb (Karb)
Director: Mahdi Moniri
Date: 2002
Running time: 19
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Gilan, Sacred ritual object
The Tenth Day of Palm
Director: Babak Behdad
Date: 2004, Iran
Running time: 26
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Yazd, Sacred ritual object
The Moonlight Prayer
Director: Mehdi Rahmani
Date: 2007, Iran
Running time: 12
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Isfahan, Sacred and votive meal
The Smell of Soil
Director: Majed Neisi
Date: 2001, Iran
Running time: 11
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Khuzestan, Sacred soil, Miracle
Ascension of Rouhollah
Director: Hamid Kheyroldin
Date: 1989, Iran
Running time: 50
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Teharn, Sacred tomb, Ayatollah Khomeyni
Behesht Zahra: Mothers of the Martyrs
Director: Mehran Tamadon
Date: 2004
Running time: 47
Keywords: Shiism, Iran, Teharn, Iran-Iraq War, Martyrdom,

With collaboration of:Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association, IRDFA, Iran Documentary and Experimental Film Center, DEFC, Iran
Special thanks to: Ms.S.Naderi, Mr.A.Ghasemkhan, Mr.M.Mirtahmasb

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