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lisi's Petros Adamyan State Armenian Dramatic Theatre"

6 Sett. 12 Ocrobre

Friends and admirers of Armenian theatre,
Visit , watch the heart breaking video, glance through the history of this world famous "Tbilisi's Petros Adamyan State Armenian Dramatic Theatre" and check up the upcoming events of this great tour of this professional theatrical company in the United States and Canada.
"Pepo", "My Daughter's Fiances", " Love Under the Elms", "Be Healthy", "Khataballa", "The Guards of Ruins" and "The Cave Dwellers" will be performed on theatrical stages near you. There will be performances in major Armenian populated communities: Glendale, Montebello, Orange County-Santa Ana, Fresno, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
Check out the dates and places, reserve your seats, participate and be a part of this great Armenian Journey.

"The Friends of Armenian Arts"